Monday, June 21, 2010

Success and Failure

Success and Failure.

We as Americans have found ourselves in a very strange place. Once the dominant world super power, now slowly sliding back, loosing our status and respect as a world leader. As I watch the news about our economic melt down, the massive oil spill, unending crime, and unending tragedy everyday, I notice that every problem is followed by a long list of complaints. We have become extremely successful and stating and finding the obvious...Failure. We have become extremely successful at becoming failures, and failures at becoming successful.

As a country of professional Failures, how do we turn back to success? How do we change the path our country is going down and ovoid an imminent failure?

A man once told me, "Successful people are successful because they do the things that failures won't do."!

Our world has turned into complainers. Does becoming aware of a problem at all create a solution???

Simply knowing that there is an issue does not make the issue go away or ever get better.

We must turn our thoughts to the creation of the problem rather then the byproduct of the problem. Rather then stating the obvious, we must find the problem and change it. I find that a world is run exactly as people run their lives when no one is looking. Lazy, incompetent, half hearted, sloppy, and without ambition. We as American individuals have become lazy, we no longer fight, we no longer care.

I challenge you to turn your life onto a new path. To take control of the world around you, rather then react, cause. Make a conscious choice to do things different, to make a change, to not be lazy, to make tomorrow more disciplined then today, to create and bear fruit.

"Successful people are successful because they do the things that failures won't do."

Every time you say, "It is too hard", "I'll do it tomorrow", "Someone else will do it" change your path and DO.

Do the things failures will not.

For we have one life and one chance, and it will be over in a blink of an eye.

Be The Miracle
Cody Pellerin


beka said...

love this. thanks so much for the challenge...we all need to step it up!

mayday said...

thanks cody! sometimes we need a massive wake up call: as relient k sing "i just wanna get mugged at knifepoint, to get cut enough to wake me up..."
how'd the tour with our hearts hero go? hope it went mean! i hadn't heard of them but cos of your recomendation i looked them up and they are REAL cool!
good to read one of your epic blogs again!