Friday, June 25, 2010

Inspiration And And Blistered Feet

I found that the average person is waiting to be inspired. We live in a world where we are trained to wait for "Enlightenment" and "Inspiration". We believe that someday, something special is coming, and if we are lucky we will catch it.

I remember about 14 years ago, one of my music teachers told me that he read an article about Elton John and his "Secret" to writing number one singles. He said something to the effect of, "For every 1,000 songs I write, one will be huge."

WOW. Think about that. That is 0.001%. (Providing my quick mental math is correct) That means he has a success rate of 10 times less then 1%. We live in a world were if you are any less the 50% you are told you are a failure. Yet, the worlds most successful song writer and a VERY RICH man is achieving a whopping 0.001% success rate.

Elton John chases down his goal. He does not wait for inspiration. He does not wait for the moment to come to him. He chases it. He hunts it. He searches for it. He runs until his legs give out, then he runs some more.

If we as believers lived our lives this way, what could we achieve? If you ran your business this way, what could your business become? If you managed your relationships this way, what would you have?

Instead we sit and wait, thinking that greatness will find us.

Really, greatness doesn't come to the great. It comes to the one who runs the hardest. The one that runs until there feet blister.

How hard will you push yourslef for success?

Be The Miracle
Cody Pellerin


JazzyMcJazzerPants said...

Wow that was, haha, dare I say, inspirational. It's actually given me motive to purse my own songs, paintings and other writings....Not to wait for the certain queues life apparently "hands out" but to go full throttle and make of what you get.....
Thanks for sharing Cody.

Anonymous said...

so so good. thank you Cody.