Thursday, March 11, 2010

The FAA, Altimeters, & Christians

Last night I spent some time with some friends from church. As I am sure you know, conversations wonder when you are with good friends. Mexican food (yum!), work, marriage, problems, blah blah blah. Somehow in our conversation an older guy in the group started talking about when he worked for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), he went on to tell a story about a plane crash he had to investigate. The story went something like this.............

Years ago I was called into an office to listen to some audio tapes of a conversation between a Pilot and an Air Traffic Controller. The Pilot was flying in on an approach to land on the runway. The Controller kept yelling, "You are too low! You are too low! You are going to Crash!" The Pilot kept insisting with these words, "Everything is fine. Everything is fine." Moments later the pilot crashed into a radio tower killing everyone on board. The last words that came out of his mouth were a confident, "Everything is fine."

During the investigation the FAA found out that the Pilot's Altimeter (This is the device that measures how high in the air you are) was off by roughly 150 ft. When the Pilot was coming in for his landing, his gauges in fact told him that everything was fine.

I sat there shocked. Not because the Pilot crashed the plane and people died. I was shocked because this is a direct parallel to how American Christians live their ENTIRE lives. We find some form of "Gauge" and live our life according to that. Repeatedly telling ourselves, "Everything is fine."

We compare ourselves to other "Christians" and think I should be like that. We compare ourselves to the "Outcasts" and say, "I am not that bad!". We memorize some bible verse's, go to church, say a prayer, tithe, blah blah blah thinking "Everything is fine."

I have recently learned that context to a story is EVERYTHING. So here is the context. I have been in over 3,000 Churches, been to every major city in every state in our country,been to most of the cities that aren't on maps, my right hand has shaken over 2 million other right hands, I have stood in front of over 10 million people. I am not some kid from Iowa that went to the same church his entire life and knows 100 people. I have seen the face of this entire country. So respectfully, my opinion has some backing to it.


We compare our lives to other "Christians" and use that as our gauge. This is what 99% of American Christians do. Which is a BLATANT contradiction to the bible. We know that we must compare ourselves to Christ and use HIM as out Gauge, yet we use other people as our "Gauge". THIS IS SO FOOLISH. Why? The person you are following is following someone else, who is following someone else, who is following some else, and so on and so on. We are like a bunch of dumb blind sheep following each other in a circle, never getting anywhere. I have learned that rather then people removing the LAZINESS from their lives and reading the Bible for themselves to find out what the Bible really says, we just trust some Pastor, Bishop, Shepherd, or what ever your church calls the guy who blabs his mouth on Sunday morning. We are following broken sinful people with the hopes of getting to the Lord, all the while saying "Everything is fine".


We are like that Pilot flying a plane with an Altimeter that is off. It isn't off by a lot, just enough to make us think "Everything is fine" and we keep going. Only to die suddenly and never make it to where you thought you were going.

I have found that most American Christians actually CHOOSE TO NOT REPENT. We say "Everything is fine" and ignore our problems, our past, our abuse as a child, our weakness, whatever it is that pulled you out of "The Garden Of Eden" or your "Place of innocence". We choose not to look at our sin. WE CHOOSE NOT TO LOOK AT OUR SIN. If you ignore your sin have you repented???

One of the most powerful verses in the Bible that I have found is "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." We read this and say, "Oh praise God!" with out the slightest clue what that means! It means shut up, quit playing games, quit thinking "Everything is fine" and stare the problem in the face and let it know that IT IS NOT WELCOME! It means to repent, so the Lord can heal you. Then you will find peace.

We are all a bunch of planes with a bad Altimeter getting ready to fly into a radio tower and die, all while thinking, "Everything is fine".

What's your gauge???

Is it working properly???

Are you going to make it to where you think you are going???


Peggy said...

The thing that strikes me about that story (also) is that the pilot was trusting his tech more than the advice of others, and even his own eyes. How like the 21st century church that is as well, trusting the 'net and TV over common sense, the spiritual authorities placed over them and the Bible. Just because it's new it is not automatically trustworthy; just because it is old does not make it irrelevant.

it's just izzy said...

i really really enjoy this. so much truth to this - thanks for posting it. i personally really loved the sheep analogy as well because just recently i learned how stupid sheep really are - they will follow one another off of cliffs no matter how many other sheep they see fall off the same cliff following the same stupid sheep. its so relevant to us.

mayday said...

quote from a book i read: When are we going to stop following Christains and start following Christ?
Good on you Cody.

Cody Pellerin said...


Kinda funny huh? God calls us sheep. SHEEP ARE STUPID!!! Yet we won't call ourselves stupid...we are too smart for that.

Rachel said...

Amen to that! Very good post.

ashleystrawser1993 said...

I loved this post. It really made me think about my life and how I was living it.
Thanks so much for posting!