Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vacuums and STUPID people.

I remember back about 10 years ago.

I once knew a guy….well he was about 15 at the time so he was kid….whose mom was well, a bit nuts.

I remember one day sitting in his kitchen/breakfast area and his mom was talking…….

Lets give you some back ground first. She was the kind of person that thought she was better then everyone, a higher class, and best of all, she was a Pastors wife; she had a good job making a lot of money for the family. Due to her “High” paying job the kids got what ever they wanted. I remember up until her son was well into his early 20’s he would get $1,000 cash every season (Winter & Summer) to go to Abercrombie & Fitch for new cloths. She walked around truly believing that herself, her husband, and three children (One boy & 2 girls) were better then everyone else.

Anyways…….Back to the kitchen.

As I sat there at the breakfast table she was running her mouth about how nice her house was. About how clean and orderly she keeps it. She said with a strange sense of pride, “I demand that my carpet gets vacuumed everyday! It was _______’s job to vacuum everyday! Then one day I caught her!”

She then went on to say, “I came home early one day and _______ was holding the vacuum cleaner and moving it across the carpet real fast, and it wasn’t even plugged in! She was just moving it across the carpet so that the carpet looked like the vacuum went over it!”

Then she and her 3 kids started laughing.

The mom thought it was funny that the daughter didn’t want to vacuum everyday, so she would just run the vacuum across the floor with out turning it on so that the carpet “Looked” vacuumed.


It was in that moment that the heart of this family was revealed to me. One lie stacked on top of another, stacked on top of insecurity, stacked on top of deceit. AND THE HUSBAND WAS A PASTOR. Awesome.

I sat there and realized this is how the whole family lives their ENTIRE lives.

Like the daughter moving the vacuum across the carpet without plugging it in. DO YOU NOW GET HOW STUPID THAT IS??? STUPID!!!

She was going thru all the same motions as if it was plugged in. She was doing the same amount of work. All she had to do was turn the freaking thing on! Out of rebellion against her mother, the authority, she did all the same work, with out actually doing the work. STUPID!

This is how they lived. Walking thru life with their heads up. Going to church. Singing songs of praise to Jesus. Quoting the bible. Refusing to go to R rated movies. Putting a big stack of cash in the offering.


They did the same amount of work as the rest, the same amount of labor. However, they never “Flipped” the switch.

Since that day the “Vacuuming with the vacuum turned OFF” analogy has ran thru my head thousands of times.

Everywhere I go I see this epidemic. It is has become viral.

People busting their butts as “Christians” yet never the job done.

Kind of like at my brother house, he has these “Mock” orange trees. Trees that grow what looks like oranges, but the orange is terrible, only for decoration. You can’t actually eat the fruit. I have found that most of us live our lives this way. We grow like that “Mock” orange tree. We suck up water and nutrients. We absorb sunlight. We even make some very pretty and shiny Oranges. However our Oranges are hard, sour, crunchy, and bitter. We are going thru the motions and producing nothing.

Take a minute and cut the crap. Judge yourselves like you judge others. Quit lying to yourself.

Where do you stand? What do you do with your efforts?

Are you going thru the motions without being “Plugged In”?

Cody P.


Rachelogisys said...

"Judge yourself like you judge others." <-- That is EXACTLY what the world needs to hear. Good morning everyone; we all suck. Let's fix it.

mayday said...

i hate it when people are so FAKE!
i hate it even more when i'm fake.
plug in guys, lets go save the world....