Friday, June 25, 2010

Inspiration And And Blistered Feet

I found that the average person is waiting to be inspired. We live in a world where we are trained to wait for "Enlightenment" and "Inspiration". We believe that someday, something special is coming, and if we are lucky we will catch it.

I remember about 14 years ago, one of my music teachers told me that he read an article about Elton John and his "Secret" to writing number one singles. He said something to the effect of, "For every 1,000 songs I write, one will be huge."

WOW. Think about that. That is 0.001%. (Providing my quick mental math is correct) That means he has a success rate of 10 times less then 1%. We live in a world were if you are any less the 50% you are told you are a failure. Yet, the worlds most successful song writer and a VERY RICH man is achieving a whopping 0.001% success rate.

Elton John chases down his goal. He does not wait for inspiration. He does not wait for the moment to come to him. He chases it. He hunts it. He searches for it. He runs until his legs give out, then he runs some more.

If we as believers lived our lives this way, what could we achieve? If you ran your business this way, what could your business become? If you managed your relationships this way, what would you have?

Instead we sit and wait, thinking that greatness will find us.

Really, greatness doesn't come to the great. It comes to the one who runs the hardest. The one that runs until there feet blister.

How hard will you push yourslef for success?

Be The Miracle
Cody Pellerin

Monday, June 21, 2010

Success and Failure

Success and Failure.

We as Americans have found ourselves in a very strange place. Once the dominant world super power, now slowly sliding back, loosing our status and respect as a world leader. As I watch the news about our economic melt down, the massive oil spill, unending crime, and unending tragedy everyday, I notice that every problem is followed by a long list of complaints. We have become extremely successful and stating and finding the obvious...Failure. We have become extremely successful at becoming failures, and failures at becoming successful.

As a country of professional Failures, how do we turn back to success? How do we change the path our country is going down and ovoid an imminent failure?

A man once told me, "Successful people are successful because they do the things that failures won't do."!

Our world has turned into complainers. Does becoming aware of a problem at all create a solution???

Simply knowing that there is an issue does not make the issue go away or ever get better.

We must turn our thoughts to the creation of the problem rather then the byproduct of the problem. Rather then stating the obvious, we must find the problem and change it. I find that a world is run exactly as people run their lives when no one is looking. Lazy, incompetent, half hearted, sloppy, and without ambition. We as American individuals have become lazy, we no longer fight, we no longer care.

I challenge you to turn your life onto a new path. To take control of the world around you, rather then react, cause. Make a conscious choice to do things different, to make a change, to not be lazy, to make tomorrow more disciplined then today, to create and bear fruit.

"Successful people are successful because they do the things that failures won't do."

Every time you say, "It is too hard", "I'll do it tomorrow", "Someone else will do it" change your path and DO.

Do the things failures will not.

For we have one life and one chance, and it will be over in a blink of an eye.

Be The Miracle
Cody Pellerin

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The FAA, Altimeters, & Christians

Last night I spent some time with some friends from church. As I am sure you know, conversations wonder when you are with good friends. Mexican food (yum!), work, marriage, problems, blah blah blah. Somehow in our conversation an older guy in the group started talking about when he worked for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), he went on to tell a story about a plane crash he had to investigate. The story went something like this.............

Years ago I was called into an office to listen to some audio tapes of a conversation between a Pilot and an Air Traffic Controller. The Pilot was flying in on an approach to land on the runway. The Controller kept yelling, "You are too low! You are too low! You are going to Crash!" The Pilot kept insisting with these words, "Everything is fine. Everything is fine." Moments later the pilot crashed into a radio tower killing everyone on board. The last words that came out of his mouth were a confident, "Everything is fine."

During the investigation the FAA found out that the Pilot's Altimeter (This is the device that measures how high in the air you are) was off by roughly 150 ft. When the Pilot was coming in for his landing, his gauges in fact told him that everything was fine.

I sat there shocked. Not because the Pilot crashed the plane and people died. I was shocked because this is a direct parallel to how American Christians live their ENTIRE lives. We find some form of "Gauge" and live our life according to that. Repeatedly telling ourselves, "Everything is fine."

We compare ourselves to other "Christians" and think I should be like that. We compare ourselves to the "Outcasts" and say, "I am not that bad!". We memorize some bible verse's, go to church, say a prayer, tithe, blah blah blah thinking "Everything is fine."

I have recently learned that context to a story is EVERYTHING. So here is the context. I have been in over 3,000 Churches, been to every major city in every state in our country,been to most of the cities that aren't on maps, my right hand has shaken over 2 million other right hands, I have stood in front of over 10 million people. I am not some kid from Iowa that went to the same church his entire life and knows 100 people. I have seen the face of this entire country. So respectfully, my opinion has some backing to it.


We compare our lives to other "Christians" and use that as our gauge. This is what 99% of American Christians do. Which is a BLATANT contradiction to the bible. We know that we must compare ourselves to Christ and use HIM as out Gauge, yet we use other people as our "Gauge". THIS IS SO FOOLISH. Why? The person you are following is following someone else, who is following someone else, who is following some else, and so on and so on. We are like a bunch of dumb blind sheep following each other in a circle, never getting anywhere. I have learned that rather then people removing the LAZINESS from their lives and reading the Bible for themselves to find out what the Bible really says, we just trust some Pastor, Bishop, Shepherd, or what ever your church calls the guy who blabs his mouth on Sunday morning. We are following broken sinful people with the hopes of getting to the Lord, all the while saying "Everything is fine".


We are like that Pilot flying a plane with an Altimeter that is off. It isn't off by a lot, just enough to make us think "Everything is fine" and we keep going. Only to die suddenly and never make it to where you thought you were going.

I have found that most American Christians actually CHOOSE TO NOT REPENT. We say "Everything is fine" and ignore our problems, our past, our abuse as a child, our weakness, whatever it is that pulled you out of "The Garden Of Eden" or your "Place of innocence". We choose not to look at our sin. WE CHOOSE NOT TO LOOK AT OUR SIN. If you ignore your sin have you repented???

One of the most powerful verses in the Bible that I have found is "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." We read this and say, "Oh praise God!" with out the slightest clue what that means! It means shut up, quit playing games, quit thinking "Everything is fine" and stare the problem in the face and let it know that IT IS NOT WELCOME! It means to repent, so the Lord can heal you. Then you will find peace.

We are all a bunch of planes with a bad Altimeter getting ready to fly into a radio tower and die, all while thinking, "Everything is fine".

What's your gauge???

Is it working properly???

Are you going to make it to where you think you are going???

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Maniacs, Fear, & Deceit.

Hosea 9:7

Because your sins are so many and your hostility so great, the prophet is considered a fool, the inspired man a maniac.

I remember back about 6 years ago.......

I was sitting on a couch with 3 business partners, a father and a mother. We were discussing the possibilities of a "business venture". On the outside, what was put in front of us looked like a great deal. However, somewhere down inside me I didn't feel comfortable with going forward. At the end of the meeting everyone said, "Ok, are we doing this?" My response was, "I need sometime to think about it."

I can't explain to you what happened next......but I assure you what I am saying is real.

In my prayers and anxious waiting the Lord showed up. I didn't hear him, I didn't see him, I didn't feel him, but he showed up. He told me that if I went forward with the "deal" we would without a doubt loose all of our money, not receive the product we payed for, and that there was a better option waiting for us.

I went back to the next meeting and told the group what had happened.

I was mocked, cursed, made fun of, and humiliated. I was told "God didn't tell you anything!" The argument lasted several hours. 5 against 1. A couple of hours later I was told, "Well Cody, if you don't do this, we are doing it without you."


In that moment I had a choice. I could trust the Lord and fear him or I could not trust the Lord and fear man.

Of course.....I feared man. I agreed to go forward with the deal.

A couple of months later when the "deal" was done and time came to get our "product" we found out that.......bluntly put, we were robbed.

After months of hard work and planning for the future I watched $45,000 dollars walk away in another mans pocket.

In one moment I lost a years wages.

That moment.....when I choose to fear man over the Lord began a "curse" in my life. Really the "curse" was just consequence. I was a fool and I chose the road for my life, not the Lord.

The following years were like trying to run with a broken ankle. I made it, was able to get around, but at great cost. Everything was difficult, everything was a burden, nothing came easy. Worst of all, I let everyone know that I was a coward. So bad decision created more bad decisions. Debt created more debt.

It's amazing looking back at the hell my life walked with daily, and now knowing that ALL of it was MY CHOICE.

6 years later I get the answer,

Hosea 9:7

Because your sins are so many and your hostility so great, the prophet is considered a fool, the inspired man a maniac.

Our world has become so deceived by its own sin that up has become down, right has become left, pain has become comfort, and hate has become love. Our minds have been infiltrated by the enemy and we have lost control. Truth has become lies and deceit has become truth.

The few of us that truly seek the Lord WILL LOOK LIKE IDIOTS. We will be humiliated, cursed, mocked, and made fun of. Worst of all it will most likely happen by those closest to us.

So when that moment comes where everything you are is being torn down, fear the Lord, not man.

Stare opposition in the face and let it know that you will not be shaken.

Plant your feet firmly against the rock beneath your feet.

Proverbs 9:10

"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom."

Fear not my friends. For to fear things of this world simply says you do not know who you are or where you are from.

Cody P.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vacuums and STUPID people.

I remember back about 10 years ago.

I once knew a guy….well he was about 15 at the time so he was kid….whose mom was well, a bit nuts.

I remember one day sitting in his kitchen/breakfast area and his mom was talking…….

Lets give you some back ground first. She was the kind of person that thought she was better then everyone, a higher class, and best of all, she was a Pastors wife; she had a good job making a lot of money for the family. Due to her “High” paying job the kids got what ever they wanted. I remember up until her son was well into his early 20’s he would get $1,000 cash every season (Winter & Summer) to go to Abercrombie & Fitch for new cloths. She walked around truly believing that herself, her husband, and three children (One boy & 2 girls) were better then everyone else.

Anyways…….Back to the kitchen.

As I sat there at the breakfast table she was running her mouth about how nice her house was. About how clean and orderly she keeps it. She said with a strange sense of pride, “I demand that my carpet gets vacuumed everyday! It was _______’s job to vacuum everyday! Then one day I caught her!”

She then went on to say, “I came home early one day and _______ was holding the vacuum cleaner and moving it across the carpet real fast, and it wasn’t even plugged in! She was just moving it across the carpet so that the carpet looked like the vacuum went over it!”

Then she and her 3 kids started laughing.

The mom thought it was funny that the daughter didn’t want to vacuum everyday, so she would just run the vacuum across the floor with out turning it on so that the carpet “Looked” vacuumed.


It was in that moment that the heart of this family was revealed to me. One lie stacked on top of another, stacked on top of insecurity, stacked on top of deceit. AND THE HUSBAND WAS A PASTOR. Awesome.

I sat there and realized this is how the whole family lives their ENTIRE lives.

Like the daughter moving the vacuum across the carpet without plugging it in. DO YOU NOW GET HOW STUPID THAT IS??? STUPID!!!

She was going thru all the same motions as if it was plugged in. She was doing the same amount of work. All she had to do was turn the freaking thing on! Out of rebellion against her mother, the authority, she did all the same work, with out actually doing the work. STUPID!

This is how they lived. Walking thru life with their heads up. Going to church. Singing songs of praise to Jesus. Quoting the bible. Refusing to go to R rated movies. Putting a big stack of cash in the offering.


They did the same amount of work as the rest, the same amount of labor. However, they never “Flipped” the switch.

Since that day the “Vacuuming with the vacuum turned OFF” analogy has ran thru my head thousands of times.

Everywhere I go I see this epidemic. It is has become viral.

People busting their butts as “Christians” yet never the job done.

Kind of like at my brother house, he has these “Mock” orange trees. Trees that grow what looks like oranges, but the orange is terrible, only for decoration. You can’t actually eat the fruit. I have found that most of us live our lives this way. We grow like that “Mock” orange tree. We suck up water and nutrients. We absorb sunlight. We even make some very pretty and shiny Oranges. However our Oranges are hard, sour, crunchy, and bitter. We are going thru the motions and producing nothing.

Take a minute and cut the crap. Judge yourselves like you judge others. Quit lying to yourself.

Where do you stand? What do you do with your efforts?

Are you going thru the motions without being “Plugged In”?

Cody P.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I hate snow!

Snow....snow....and more snow.

So I am a Phoenix boy. Well, at least I use to be. I use to enjoy 135 degree weather, if it went below 70 degrees I ran and hid in my house swearing to never go outside.

Here I sit in sunny Nashville....wait....snowy Nashville I mean.

As I look out my office window at my three siberian huskies, Zathan, Kuma, and Denali they are rubbing their faces side to side in the frozen snow on the ground. I am thinking to myself, "Those dogs are STUPID!!!" Denali, the youngest of the family will just sit there in the falling snow and stare up in the air. Kinda like, "Oooooohhhhhhh". WEIRD.


As I sit hearing staring at my dogs loving what I hate I start to think.

As many of you probably know, life comes in seasons. Constantly changing, constantly evolving, and never consistent. One day it is hot and the next day it is cold.

Our lives will have those "Winter" seasons, where everything seems to die, the leaves fall off the trees, the ground is frozen, and you just don't want to go outside. You find yourself wishing you could go back to the beach, or to the field you played football with your friends in, or golfing. However, you can't. You can't change the season. You are stuck here in the cold. No matter what you do, you can't stop the cold. You can burn a whole forest of trees, yet it is still cold.

Then Spring comes. The grass starts to grow again. Leaves start to sprout. Weeds pop in your grass, and even though that sucks you think, "Well, it's better then snow and cold!" So you go to Home Depot and by some weed killer. You spray to much on the lawn and you have a big yellow burnt patch......I hate it when that happens. But even though you mess up a bit, spring just keeps on coming. You can't stop it. Birds are flying.....and pooping on your freshly cleaned car. People are jogging down the streets saying, "I am gonna get back in shape!". Families are going on picnics. Life just seems to happen. No matter what you think say are believe, you can't stop it. Mother nature just takes off.

But thats all old hat right.......we learned that in 7th grade biology.

What I learned today via my STUPID dogs is this.

Learn to love the "Cold" seasons. The times where it looks like everything is coming to an end. The times where you think, "How am I ever going to make it through!?" Our perception is that there is good and bad. Really, that is just foolish. We know that "God works all things for the good of those who love him." So really there is good and good.

We find ourselves in the "Cold" seasons looking back to the "Warm" season wishing. When in reality that season is gone, another warm season will come, but that one is gone. Rather we need to look ahead. Even though the "Cold" season isn't what you want, there still can be good to find. Rather then blossoming growth, you can grow strength, wisdom, and perseverance. My grandfather helped build the Biosphere in Tucson AZ (If you don't know what that is google it) When they first got that thing rolling they had a major problem, all the plants were dying. Scientist couldn't figure it out. The Oxygen levels were perfect, the soil was perfect, the water was perfect. What was wrong!? They later learned that there was no wind. Without wind plants cannot survive. Life is the same. Without a good miserable "Cold" season you won't have the strength to carry out the vigorous life you dream of in the "Warm" season.

So I challenge you.

Go rub your face in the snow. Go chew on some ice. Go embrace what you hate. Go and makes friends with misery. Who knows what joy you will find.

Cody P.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Here is a copy of an email that I just sent to a friend of mine that I will be doing some cool things with in the future. I thought you guys might like to read it.

So as you mind does not have brakes. It just goes and goes and doesn't stop until it has reached its goal. Here is a little story that I think we can tie into our "misison" or "story". Of course this is the short version for your reading pleasure. Nearly 3 years ago as I walked thru the streets of Amsterdam on a warm winter sunday morning I found myself stumble into a very popular Christian Church. It was quite amazing. The building was 2 stories and very modern. There was a large room just for "hanging" out, in this room was a huge bar. Behind the bar was several drafts for beer, several wines both red and white, and of course espresso machines. After I hung out and enjoyed an espresso before church :) I wondered off into the "sanctuary". Inside the sanctuary was LED lights, a great PA, a wonderful stage, just like a real rock concert. The band was fantastic also. After singing 4 or 5 songs up comes the "pastor". This is one of the points in my life where I can say I changed. I turned roads. whatever. The Pastor speaking english but with a heavy Euro accent began with, "Everybody, I am so happy. My wife just got back last night and she is here with us today. For those who don't know, she was gone for 5 months on a "Evangelistic" mission trip in the lost world. She will come up at the end of the service and tell you all about it." I am wondering now, "where the hell did she go!? If she was gone for 5 months she must have been somewhere where she was unable to return. India? Africa? Where? The pastor then said. "She traveled all across America sharing the Bible for 5 months. We desperately need to pray for this lost world. Please pray for America. Their church is dead. Their church is corrupt. WHAT!? I sat there in my seat shocked. Thinking, this is Amsterdam! I can go hit some cocaine and get as many hookers as I want, and your saying America is lost? Then I realized, There is no "grey" area for your faith over there. You are either a disciple 100% sold and done or you are not. There is none of this "I am a Christian" garbage and then curse those who are dirty to hell like in America. Over there, their faith is real 100% of the time. Maybe we can get that in our "Mission" somehow. Instead of "Evangelizing" Africa, India, or Brazil, we should evangelize or back yard.

Cody P.